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Placing a modular home usually draws a crowd.  It’s not everyday you see a home dangling from a couple of cables.  These photo galleries show various styles of homes being placed on foundations or basements.  We will be adding additional photos as quickly as we can.

The Cape Cod Placement photo gallery shows a fold up roof and the unfinished upstairs in cape cod homes, as well as dormers before and after placement.  Since the roof system on the cape cod style homes folds down for shipping, the upper floor is unfinished, but the lower floor is finished.

The Multi-family Placement photo gallery shows a couple of multi-family projects that went to California.  The placement of these projects was by a third party contractor with exterior finishing completed on site.  It is impressive to see all those modules tied together is just a couple of days.

The Ranch Placement photo gallery shows ranch homes being placed using cranes and roll-on equipment.  The crane placement is the most common and fastest.  The roll-on placements are more labor intensive and require a level site.  We only use the roll-on method when a crane cannot get to the site, or the costs of getting a crane to the site makes roll-on the better option.

The Interior Photos photo gallery shows a collection of interior photos of the homes we have built over the years. Each customer gets to choose their interior finishes which gives each home a unique and personalized finish.

The Exterior Photos photo gallery showcases home we have built over the past 10 years. Customers also get to select exterior finishes such as siding and roofing materials giving each home a unique look.