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Frequently Asked Questions about Modular Homes

TLC Modular Homes

Question: Do you have more plans than what I see on this site?

Answer: Yes.  We have some additional plans in our sales office and we can customize any of those plans, work with a plan you bring in, or start from scratch.

Question: What are the advantages to modular homes?

Answer: TLC Modular Homes are built in sections in our factory and placed on your building site on a standard foundation or basement. Once completed, the TLC and site-built homes are essentially the same. Some of your benefits to owning a TLC building:

  • factory direct savings
  • customized to your needs and wants
  • energy efficient
  • climate controlled construction–healthier for environment for builders and homeowners
  • standard mortgage
  • standard homeowner’s insurance
  • appraises high
  • appreciates in value
  • meets or exceeds site built building codes

Question: What is the difference between Manufactured homes and Modular homes?

Answer: Modular homes are built to the same state and local building codes as site built homes and are subject to the same zoning regulations.  They are also financed, insured, and appraise the same as site built homes. Once placed on your property a modular home becomes real property.  Manufactured (sometimes referred to as “Mobile”) homes comply with the Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards (HUD code) which requires homes to be constructed on a non-removable steel chassis. This is a federal code not adjusted to meet site specific requirements.  Manufactured homes come with a title like an automobile.

Question: Can I really customize my home?

Answer: Absolutely. You can bring in a plan you like or start by reviewing our plans to find the kind of home you want. The number of bedrooms, bathrooms and square feet can be used as the basis of the search and then the customization begins. Our architect can help alter plans to fit the site and to utilize the natural surroundings.

Question: Are there a lot of features to choose from?

Answer: Of course. We have a list of popular options to choose from, and many people bring in ideas they have seen elsewhere.  We try to incorporate features as long as they don’t affect the structural integrity of the home. Our sales staff can answer specific questions or requests.

Question: How do I as a builder benefit from TLC Modular Homes?

Answer: You leave the construction to us. You will be able to rely on us as your planner, designer, and workforce to build  your  project. We have the plans, the crew, and the ability to build a building from start to finish much faster than regular stick-building.  You take care of the site work and we’ll deliver the building.

Question: How are modular homes delivered?

Answer: Because of our centralized manufacturing facilities we transport the modules to the site by truck. Because of this our homes are constructed with more strength and durability than stick-built homes. The added strength not only protects the home during the delivery but it also means your home will stand up to the forces of Mother Nature better than most stick-built homes.

Question: What are Modules?

Answer: Modules are the sections that make up the complete home. Typically homes require two or more modules, with little lodges being just one module. The modules are delivered to the site and connected like large puzzle pieces to create the complete home. Even though they are sections you won’t be able to tell where they were joined after the final finishing process of the home on site.

Question: Are TLC Homes really built faster?

Answer: YES! The homes are able to be completed faster because we have everything taken care of before the home goes into production. The plans are set, materials are taken care of and the crew is always ready to go. Building in the factory allows us to work year-round and not have to wait for Mother Nature to allow us to build. Homes can be completed in terms of weeks rather than months with stick-building. The site work (foundation, utility prep, etc.) can be taking place while the home is being built in our factory.  As soon as the site is ready we can deliver the modules.

Question: Will my home be built to my local building codes?

Answer: Yes. We make sure that our homes are built to the highest standards and comply with the local building codes. Every home must pass the same requirements as a stick-built home.

Question: Is financing easy for modular homes?

Answer: Our homes qualify for all mortgage programs. The same mortgage rules and regulations apply to purchasing a TLC home as to a site-built home. Like most new construction, a construction loan will likely be needed. Click here to view list of banks/mortgage companies on our resources page.

Question: What if I want to do some of the finishing work myself?

Answer: We can leave some items incomplete so you can complete the work yourself.  Some construction loans discourage this, so make sure the loan program allows sweat equity.

Question: Do you build homes over basements or a two-story design?

Answer: Yes. Any plan can be modified for a basement application and we have built two-story homes. On-site, we use a crane to lift the upper floor into place.

Question: Do you have land available?

Answer: We don’t sell land.

Question: Are your homes backed by any kind of warranty?

Answer: We offer a one year warranty.

Question: I’ve never done something like this before. How do I get the necessary permits?

Answer: TLC Modular Homes obtains the permits for the modules built in our factory. We provide engineered drawings for the foundation, which are needed to secure your site permit. Contact your local building department for details regarding the permits for site development.

Question: In what areas do you deliver and complete your homes?

Answer: We build for sites in Washington and Oregon, within 200 miles of our site.  We will consider sites beyond this mileage, pending location. We have also delivered to Idaho, but extra charges apply for the distance from our factory.  We’ve also delivered to California, but that was through a dealer who coordinated all delivery and placement requirements.

Question: Can I save money buying a TLC Home?

Answer: We think you will find our homes to be highly competitive cost-wise, as well as saving you time and stress.

Question: How long does it take to build a TLC Home?

Answer: It depends on the type of home, how many modules, and if our factory is operating at full capacity.  Once construction begins for an average two module home we can have it ready for delivery in as little as four to six weeks.  In most cases, you can move into your new home months earlier than a site-built home. While we’re building your home at our construction facility, the site contractor is doing the foundation work and making any other property improvements – it’s happening simultaneously.

Question: Will a TLC Home appreciate like a site-built home?

Answer: Our homes appreciate as other site-built homes in the neighborhood.

Question: Can you design a custom home especially for me or my property?

Answer: TLC Modular Homes is a custom home builder. Because of that, you are able to create more comfort and convenience with your housing budget than you ever thought possible.